Hello there!

I’m creating this blog from my studio at The Banff Centre, Alberta where I am currently an artist in residence until late August. I have come here to put my research, ideas, photographs and writing together, which will evolve into a project inspired by pre-historic landscape, Viking-age exploration and Saga literature.

A year ago, in 2011, I travelled to Scandinavia on the W.B. Bruce European Fine Art Scholarship to study and photograph archeological sites and saga sites. I am interested in the Viking era because it was a time when history was loosely recorded, leaving enough clues to interpret the past, yet ambiguous enough to spark the imagination.

A picture stone in Gotland, Sweden. The image has worn away with the weather and time. Photo by Sara A. Tremblay.

On this blog, I will be posting photographs from my work in progress, thematic observations, short book reviews and excerpts from my travelogue.


4 comments on “Hello there!

  1. gomeux says:

    Hey Jessica! I will follow your blog for sure, I love everything that is related to Vikings.
    Speaking of wich, have you read the Northlanders series, on Vertigo comics?
    It’s amazing.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. James says:


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